Monday, August 17, 2009

Effective communication

Communication is something you can do without only when you decided to live alone or leave the world, as I suppose there is no second life after death. You need to communicate so as) to survive and then master it to success. As far as I know, all great man is great speaker. Unfortunately this is exactly what I am lacking and I decided to face and take steps to overcome my weakness.

I just completed an internship program and it was indeed a great experience. One of the key lessons I learnt is the importance of communication skill. In workplace, we have to work as a team and troubles arise when there is problem in communication. Things like misunderstanding is not uncommon and we have to take extra hour to achieve consensus and get things done. Even if you are sitting high as boss, you still need to ensure your order is delivered.

However, communication is not as simple as deliver and receive but much complicated. Information, views, opinion are exchanged through various communication channels and affected by non-verbal massage such as body language, facial expression and even tone of voice. On “my journey to success”, I would like to equip with these skills as soon as possible and the best scenario is I can learn through a proper course (yes it’s ES2007S again).

We hold an objective whenever we communicate and mastering effective communication skill will assure our objective is met, or at least bring us closer.


  1. Hi, there...

    Effective communication is certainly important to every single one of us, just like you said.
    I also agree that no man is an island. We have to communicate with other people as long as we want to live a well-balanced life.

  2. Wow, I think it's great that you're so proactive in overcoming your weaknesses. I'm sure we'll all learn a lot from this module if we're active in the class too!

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  4. Hi BW (don't mind the short-form okay :P),

    Apologies, there was some typographical errors in the previous comment >.<

    I like that you mentioned communication is complicated, for it really takes skilful manipulation of words and actions at the right place, at the right time, to bring messages across to our intended recipients effectively so that problems such as delay in getting things done and straining of relationships do not arise.

    Practical work experience is always rewarding; it's nice to know you have brought home lessons learnt from your internship ;)