Sunday, August 30, 2009

Resolving Interpersonal Conflict

I always think that it is the perception we have in mind decides how we understand and feel. It is so powerful and conflict arises when people have different point of view. We felt disappointed and eventually get agitated if our expectation was not met. The following describe the scenario where conflict arises between two friends.

Ivan is good in graphic design and famous among his friends. One day, he took part in a T shirt design competition upon request of his friend, Jack who is one of the organizing committee. The winner will be awarded and the design will be used for their club T shirt. At the end of the game, Ivan’s design was not capable to win the vote so he gained nothing. Half of a year later, Jack contacts Ivan and request for his design as the club decided print out the second badge of T shirt with Ivan’s design. Feeling unfair, Ivan refused to release his design unless the club paid him the equivalent rewards as the competition. Conflict arose when Jack argued that as a friend of him Ivan should not ask for anything and moreover, once submitted the design is considered property of the club.

In this scenario, both party have different stand and it seem both of them were not doing any wrong. What wrong with this? Taking yourself as either Ivan or Jack and share how would you solve the problem.


  1. Hi!!

    In this case,I think that Ivan is being too petty. He probably did not win the competition because they committee could only choose ONE winner. He might have done the design that is deemed second best, which is why the club decided to use his design when they wanted to print a SECOND batch of t-shirts. Ivan should be less egoistic about his design. The fact that the club decided to use his design at all seems to me like they think his design is good.

    Jack is right. The design is the property of the club once it is submitted, as is often the case in any design competition. At least, Jack had the courtesy to ask Ivan if they can use his design.

    If I were Jack, I would look for other designs since Ivan is unwilling to have his design used. I'm sure that there are other equally beautiful designs whose designer would be proud simply by having his/her design on a t-shirt.

  2. Hi.

    I think Ivan is just too narrow-minded. He should have acknowledge his defeat(?) cleanly , and not ask for any reward when Jack requested the design again. Although he was not rewarded, but I am sure the committee liked his design, and therefore asked for the design again.

    Jack also has done some mistakes. He should have convinced Ivan gently, rather than arguing the ownership of the design. Ivan still holds the right as copyright holder after he had submitted his design (I think). Perhaps he could give Ivan some token of appreciation if Ivan decides to give them his design. If, in extreme case, Ivan refuses to hand the design over, Jack should just find some other entries and use one of them as the t-shirt design.