Sunday, September 20, 2009

Personal Statement

Throughout my life in university I never regret that my choice of become a civil engineer. Since young I have been inspired by how this particular field of engineering brings civilization to mankind. In the same time, I realized that how difficult it is to run a construction project. Unlike manufacturing a car, there is never repetition of a construction project. I called it a dynamic process and only passionate, trained professional able to take up the responsibility. This explained why I chose planning engineer as I am confident in this is where my strength lies in.

My first module in University that awarded an ‘A’ is construction project management. This serves as the starting point where I decided to specialize in this field. Since then I took several project management related modules and the results I gained had further strengthen my belief. Putting academic aside, I have the experience on planning and managing construction project through my three month internship with Land Transport Authority. Beyond that, I also gained site experience through close observation on the construction site and eventually built up a feel on how a plan on table being executed as well as how the site constrains may fail the plan, no matter how good it is.

Through actively participated in Co-Curricular Activities, I developed several qualities which I think is essential to a planning engineer. Experience in leadership position of student body taught me the importance of teamwork. My view in this is understand and do your part of work, while believe in your teammate. Communication between planner and executor ensure the reliability of every plan made. The success of Operation Orion had proven my ability as a planner and it is still the achievement I am proud of.

To summarize, as a planning engineer he shall fully utilize the available resource, obverse and understand the site constrain, while work with the team in order to coming out a practical solution. I believed I have the quality mentioned and of course, your choice of consideration.

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