Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LAST!!! Course reflection

Just before I draft this last post entry, I took a quick look at my first entry that sort of summarizing why I am taking this course. In short, I want to improve my language with a communication course. The coordinator of this module, BB sensei was my tutor in another module I took which is EG1471. Having a good impression with him I decided to enroll into his course while there are actually other communication courses offered by other departments such as Business, without looking at the detail of the course.

Again I am impressed with the course materials. It was fantastic and just browse through the list will be an eye opener that triggered me to learn the quality of a professional speaker. However there is something wrong as time goes by. The structure of the course is very similar with the other two courses that I taken from CELC: EG1471 and EG1413. The former is known as English of Education if not wrong. Taught by BB sensei, we need to post up blog entries on a regular basis, comment with each other post and conduct peer teaching. Sound familiar? Yes I am doing exactly the same thing two years before; the latter is known as Critical Thinking and Writing and one of the main objectives is to trained engineer with proposal writing skill based on secondary research. Yes I am doing a proposal again. In addition, I conducted twice primary survey in NUS for the CCA project I joined. The similarities are quite discouraging as I felt this is nothing new but a repetition.

Fortunately there are differences that delighted me. It was like adding flavoring for me to enjoy this course. I was exposed to the proper, correct, or as the name of the course suggest, a professional way for the topic covered. For instance, resume writing, interviewing, preparing unbiased survey and others which had never been my concern before. I started to look at the same thing in a different and thoughtfully manner. This is the most I gained from the course.

Let’s back to my origin of taking this course, did my language improved? I doubt there is hardly or any improvement and I believed you will sure spot quite a number of grammatical error. In fact, I think I am in disadvantage to taking this course in terms of final grading due to my weakness in language. So, I actually pre-allocated a SU option for this module at the moment I decided to take this. However, I did not compromise the quality of my work especially for group work project. CF and YZ, forgive me if there is any conflict….it is really a great experience to work with you two. Go go Choyobo!

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  1. Hi!! mid-module, I realised that you were not very keen on acing this module already, and you did things in a pretty relaxed manner...but I am actually really thankful for that because I'm always rushing for time and to be honest, I tend to put the work for this module last. So, if you were not so relaxed, I would have been stressed out! LOL!

    Having said that, I do feel that you have done a good job in your work too. So, who knows? Maybe you won't have to SU this module. =P