Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Presentation reflection

As far as the presentation is concern, I think our team done a good job. We successfully delivered the message we want to convey based on our proposal.

Looking back to my performance, I would give myself a ‘satisfactory’ grade. Unlike many who are natural presenter, I am still at the infant stage or just slightly more than that. My body was tremble at the start every time when I present. I cannot stand on the stage unprepared and talk based on the slide…even though the slide is prepared by me without a pre-written script. Being well prepared or simply, keep practicing is the only key for me if I want to do a presentation. The rule is simple and I think it apply to all of us: the more you prepare and the better you can do.

Still, I am kind of overlooking my role as the first presenter. I focus solely on the content as my concern was to bring out the topic and prepare a stage for the next presenter. This was not wrong in principle, but I fail to cater for the most important part: attention catcher. I did not put in effort to find interesting factor such as video or comic. Some might argue that what is wrong in getting to the point right at the start but the key here is the type of audience. I cannot agree that the same presentation slide can be recycled every time without considering the audience group. From what I see none of our audience have the self-initiated interest as our proposal is mainly for hostel residents and that’s why attention catcher is important.

For the same token, we give out the chance for present our proposal to Dean of Student as quite a lot of refinement is needed and unfortunately we do not have the sufficient time for that. Moreover, I think our background study is just up to the level for this mock proposal but definitely not sufficient in the authorities’ points of view.

Lastly, I know that my biggest problem is still weak in the language itself. Mispronunciation, wrong choice of term and grammatical mistakes greatly affected my performance and my own confident. lol

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  1. Hi!

    I agree with you...that you need to brush up on your pronunciation. =)
    Also, as the first presenter, it would be good to look for catchy things to grab the attention of the audience.
    ( be honest, I did try to look for no avail)

    However, I seriously did not notice that you were nervous. Haha...and in fact, one of the comments by the other group was that you were over-confident. =P (if I remembered correctly).